Friday, October 5, 2012

Company Girl Coffee: Coffee, Tea and Me

It's been a few months since I've been at a CG Coffee.  I've missed them.  Thanks for keeping the door open, the chair available, the coffee hot.

Coffee.  Hmmm...I grew up with parents that drank coffee every day.  I loved the smell of it brewing, couldn't stand the taste of it.  My first husband was a coffee drinker.  I made it for him every morning.  Didn't drink a drop of it.  I tried it plenty of times, I simply didn't like it.  I've even tried making it for my Bible study group on Tuesday mornings.  They say it's pretty good. 

Chocolate.  Now there's something I'll eat without any provocation.  Growing up I was not particular as to what kind of chocolate; beggars can't be choosers.  Although milk chocolate was my go-to choice to satisfy the craving, somewhere along the way I was introduced to dark chocolate.  Oh my.  Where have you been all my life?  Next came dark chocolate covered coffee beans.

Why didn't someone tell me how great coffee tasted? 

This put my feet firmly on the slippery slope.  Suddenly I saw coffee shops everywhere, the same way you miraculously discover that there are thousands of cars just like the one you just purchased, although the day before you would have sworn on your grandmother's grave that you rarely saw any other cars the very same make, model and color as yours.

Cue seasonal coffee.

I'm a goner.  Peppermint Mochas, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Coconut Mocha Frappuccinos.  Good gracious.  Put an extra shot in there and I'm a woman on a mission.

Turns out, I'm a coffee drinker after all.  Or as my new husband (just celebrated one year!), I'm a high-maintenance coffee drinker.  A coffee snob. No worries, I'm a tea snob, too.  I've even been known to bring my own Irish Breakfast tea bags with me just in case all the restaurant has is Lipton.

Life is too short to spend it drinking bad tea or coffee.  Live abundantly.  Live fully.  And feel free to bring me a pumpkin spice latte.

*For the record, should you ever be in my neck of the woods and want to pop in with a seasonal coffee, I take it with whole milk, whipped cream, the works.  An extra shot wouldn't hurt either.


  1. A woman after my own heart! I never cared for coffee even though I grew up with coffee drinking parents. It was too strong for me because my dad made it like he had in the army - strong enough to grown hair on your feet. :) I always made fun of the coffee snobs even to the point of needling the guys in the office when they came in with their large green and white cups. One day one of the younger guys walked in with two cups and put one on my desk. He dare me to taste it just... taste it. If I didn't like it he'd buy my lunch for a week. If I did, I'd buy his coffee for a week. I was confident in my disdainful strength so I took his challenge and took a sip. It was a mocha. I got my purse.

    My name is Cassandra and I am a coffee snob.
    Visiting here Company Girls Coffee.

  2. Cassandra,

    That gave me quite the chuckle. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by today. I'm heading over to your blog right now.

  3. Stopping by from Company Girl Coffee

    I'm more a tea drinker...I do drink an occasional coffee, but usually only if it's chock full of stuff that is probably not good for you. :p

    Happy anniversary!!

  4. joyceandnorm, I know what you mean. Tea is still my go-to beverage. And usually by the time I've finished with all the goodies I add to my coffee, I'm sure die-hard coffee drinkers would be appalled.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the anniversary wishes!