Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

I couldn't resist.  I'm a fan of Karen Carpenter.  Love her voice.

There are so many things on my mind this rainy Tuesday morning.  I'm guessing it will take me a few blog posts to organize the thoughts into some semblance of order.  I'm hopeful at least one of them will connect with you in some way.

I've been sick now for over a week.  It stinks.  For most of the time, I've been in bed trying to be as still as possible, my attempt at keeping the racking cough at bay.

When I was finally better enough to sit up for a bit, the blinding migraine started.  Really?  From what I hear, it was a beautiful weekend.  I missed it.  My kids were home this past weekend.  I missed most, if not all, their activities.  Have I mentioned being sick stinks?

There were blessings this weekend, even in the midst of being confined to my bed.  My parents live about 20 minutes away.  My mama met me at the doctor's office, took me to get my prescription, took me home, made me lunch, tucked me in.  My daddy picked up my kids (all four of them) from school, took them to their practices, brought them home, fed them, laughed with them, loved them.  My brother lives about 25 minutes away.  He got my kids to their Upward game, even though his own wife was home sick herself. My parents brought us one of their cars to use while ours is in the shop.

My husband...well, he did everything I usually do on top of all he usually does, including coach two of the boys in basketball, and went to the baseball draft for Little League.  He took all four kids to a family party for my Grandmother's 85th birthday (Happy Belated Birthday!).  He took the kids to church, went to baseball practice and back to church for the Upwards celebration.  He took the boys shopping for new cleats, practice pants, and anything else they needed.  He cooked.  He cleaned.  He did laundry.  He took care of me.  He loved me like Christ loves the Church.

Now, what did I do beside lay in the bed like a slug?  I was short-tempered with my mom and my husband.  The very people who were caring for me and loving me.  Why?  Because they weren't doing the things I usually do the way I usually do them.  Ugh.

I also learned a lot.  God offers us blessings every day.  It's our job to look for them, seek them out.  Be one of those blessings.  Allow God to use us to bless someone else.  Thank God for using others to bless us.  Thank them for allowing God to use them (even if they don't realize it).

Look for the good.  It's there.  Look for God.  He's there.

Even when the rains fall.  Even when the car breaks down in the parking garage on a Friday afternoon.  Even when you are sick.  Even when the dog's muddy paw prints decorate your freshly cleaned carpet.

Even when...


  1. Well, that was quite a mouth full....... I just read it to my husband Whew!!! My daughter loves me and I'm proud she has the gift from God to express herself so well.

    When she was in High School she was an excellent student. She has been given the gift of writing from God as passed down through my father. Aimee has a way with words. My prayer for her today is that she will have more days of inspiration when she can express herself more. Thank you God for a beautifully gifted child.

    1. Thanks, mama! I love you and I'm sorry I was such a pill. I'd love to blame it on being sick, but the truth is I was just grumpy because I wasn't in charge.

      Thanks for the prayers and for taking such good care of me any my family. :)