Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Habit

Happy New Year!!

I love fresh starts (more on that later).  A new year is a beautiful time to finally get going on this.  I don't make resolutions any more.  I've learned that I can easily get caught up in the emotion of all the areas of my life I'd like to improve, only to have life get in the way of my progress.  I end up feeling frustrated, inadequate, and any motivation I had at the beginning has quickly dissipated.

What's a girl to do?  Start with the basics,  and as Lisa TerKeurst reminds us in Unglued, accept imperfect progress.  (A review of that book is coming as soon as I finish it.)

One thing I have wanted to do in the past, but honestly would somehow forget about, is the Siesta Scripture Memory Team over at the Living Proof blog.  I've been reading (I know, shocking.) and have been encouraged to begin scripture memorization again. 

My kids go to a private school and my daughter has scripture memory each week, usually building on the previous week's scripture.  When we homeschooled, we memorized scripture together.  Lately though, I haven't been giving it much thought, much less actually doing it.  In one of Beth's posts about the SSMT, she mentioned a spiral-bound notecard set as a way to keep track of your verses and keep your verses handy.  I ended up snagging a set of 3x5 cards on a ring at Staples for a whopping $1.  It's even hot pink! (I'll post a picture as soon as I figure out how to transfer it from my phone to my laptop.)

I finally chose my first verse today.  Or my 11-year old son did.  He asked what I was working on and when I told him I was struggling to decide which verse to be my first one, he suggested the verse he uses as his instagram profile picture.  That kid is such a blessing!

So, in honor of him, my first verse is Deuteronomy 31:6 (The Message)
"Be strong.  Take courage.  Don't be intimidated.  Don't give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you.  He is right there with you.  He won't let you down; He won't leave you."

What's one habit you can start today that will deepen your relationship with Christ?  Scripture memory? Quiet time? Bible study?  I'd love to hear what it is so we can encourage one another.  If you choose scripture memory, don't forget to post a comment over at the Living Proof blog, too.

Looking forward to all the blessings God has in store for us this year!

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